The Tea Consumption Tracker

I heard on the radio that the UK gets through 197 million cups of tea per day; assuming 250ml in the average cup that's nearly 50 million litres every day. Statistics that interesting deserve web pages dedicated to them, so here is one.

Per second Per minute Per hour
2,280 cups 136,800 cups 8,208,000 cups
570 litres 34,200 litres 2,052,000 litres
So far today So far this month So far this year
3,534,000 cups 3,549,390,000 cups 33,286,974,000 cups
883,500 litres 887,347,500 litres 8,321,743,500 litres
In a whole day In a whole month In a whole year
196,992,000 cups 5,909,760,000 cups 71,902,080,000 cups
49,248,000 litres 1,477,440,000 litres 17,975,520,000 litres

You might need a nice cup of tea and a sit down after that.