About me

Hi, I'm Jon.

I live in south-west London, and have spent most of my life doing things with music and computers, sometimes simultaneously. I have run an IT support company, worked as a freelance IT consultant, and had jobs at a recruitment consultancy, a market research company and a recording studio. At the moment I am lucky enough to be working at Tate doing fun things with their various systems.

One of the galleries at Tate Britain

You can visit my LinkedIn profile if you want more information about my work history.

I am passionate about technology in all its forms and consider myself very fortunate to have grown up at roughly the same pace as home computers; my first one was a TI-99/4A and I've owned or used just about every major model since then. I thoroughly enjoy messing around with PCs and am rarely happier than I am when spending an entire day getting my computer to automate a task which would otherwise have taken me five minutes to accomplish by hand.

My other great obsession is music, in just about all its forms. I am convinced that I will eventually hear the perfect performance of Beethoven's 9th symphony, but while I've come close on occasion I haven't found it yet. That doesn't stop me booking tickets for it every time it's on.

Sheet music for a passage from the Ode To Joy from Beethoven's 9th symphony

I treat myself with nice food (my favourite restaurant is Gauthier Soho) and nice wine (particularly white Burgundies from around Montrachet, but generally I can't afford those so I usually end up a little further up the road in St Aubin). I love to cook but couldn't imagine doing it professionally.

I support West Ham United so must have done something pretty bad in a previous life. I am frantically trying to work out what that was so I can avoid doing it again this time round.

One day I will open a beach bar on a tropical island. You will be very welcome to come and enjoy a beer with me.

A beach bar on a tropical island